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I simply love "Red". As I kept turning over in my mind all of the things that could be done with my favorite "Red", the countless possibilities came down to the brilliance of the coulor itself. By exploring what there is in this most beautiful "Red", I gradually began to understand what I wanted to express through this color. Who am I who has been so taken in by this color "Red"? In our contemporary society where everything is uncertain, how do I discern my position? It's up to me. Of course, it is not a superficial investigation, but by digging deeply, I was able to discover the unexpected, and understand that my true self is far from ideal. For myself, "beauty" is not so attractive nor is it so interesting. Within this given lifetime, I would like to be finding my ideal self in the making of the art works. Instead, I find that I am drawing the path that my life has taken. Whether or not the audience can see a part of that personal understanding is up to the viewer. Many of the timeless art pieces possess a power to spellbind the audience, which is perhaps the result of the artist expressing their own "truth". I do not believe in "beauty for beauty's sake". Just as a beautiful flower cannot bloom by itself, "beauty" cannot exist without the relationship of the artist's life and his or her society. My entire theme of exhibition is the express my decision to keep on living as someone born in these "anxious" times.

chikako Chikako Maria Mori