Chikako Maria Mori

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`9th Art Islands in Tokyo´

31. August - 15. September 2019

in Tubaki Summit Park, Oshima Tokyo


`red and more´

08.May.-06.June. 2014
in St. Peter an der Sperr/Wr. Neustadt

Naomi akimoto | jannette frei | zita habarta | debora kim | gabi koch | chikako maria Mori | dagmar pachtner | ulla rauter



Munchen 2012Okinawa 2002Landshut 2003


This website is official home page of Chikako Maria Mori, contemporary artist:consept, exhibition, lecture & workshop.
I regard the offer of the lifetime education through the art as one of the important contribution to society by the artist. 
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